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Furnished apartment in boston

The Pros and Cons of Renting Furnished Apartments in Boston

Furnished apartments might not be for everyone: but for some of us, they’re exactly what we need, just when we...
Boston Winter

Best Practices to Rent a Boston Apartment in the Winter

The end of the year is quickly upon us, but there’s still time to rent a Boston apartment this winter-...
Boston Apartments light in winter

9 Ways to Give Your Boston Apartment the Illusion of More Light in the Winter

Most Boston apartments tend to be small and with limited natural light sources. This is partly a function of the...
Video House Tour

How to Rent a Boston Apartment Sight Unseen

Renting a Boston apartment sight-unseen can seem like a daunting endeavor. Nearly everyone will tell you to avoid a sight-unseen...
Boston MA RTVR

Trouble Finding Apartments in Boston? Here Are Neighborhoods With Higher Vacancy Rates

If you are a renter in search of a new apartment in Boston, you have probably encountered a few challenges...
Boston Apartments vs condos vs townhouses

What is the Difference Between an Apartment, Condo, and Townhouse?

You're concerned about high-interest rates, rapid inflation, and a poor national energy policy—I understand. Roger that. You're looking to start...
Boston luxury buildings downtown

How Boston Luxury Apartments Can Suit Anyone’s Needs

Boston apartments

How To Clean Your Boston Apartment To Get All Of Your Security Deposit Back

You probably don't want to clean your old Boston apartment before you leave for good and move somewhere else. However,...
view of Boston apartments over river

When is the Best Time to Apply for a Boston Apartment?

Finding the right Boston apartment for you can be a challenging and long process. From searching for available units to...

What You Need to Know Before Signing a Lease for Your Boston Apartment

Boston is a vibrant city rich in culture and history, offering its residents an unmatched quality of life. Many people...
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