​Are you a student at Tufts University or a working professional living in the area? Perhaps you’re looking for the best breakfast sports near your Somerville apartment? If so, you should be familiar with some of the local coffee shops and breakfast spots. There are plenty to choose from, so we’ve broken it down into […]
By: Anthony Campbell
 Sep 16
Are you looking for apartments for rent in Boston? If so, you should give some serious consideration to Somerville, MA and Medford, MA. They’re both smaller cities that are located within close proximity to Boston. You will also find that there are some great apartments for rent there. Somerville, MA is located just two (2) […]
By: Chris Angles
 Aug 31
Searching for apartments for rent in Boston can be a difficult, time- consuming task. This holds particularly true if you don’t know exactly how or where to look for one. The Boston apartment market is famous for being harsh on people who are unaware of how to navigate it. First and foremost, there is something […]
By: Daniela Alvarado
 Aug 30
Boston luxury apartments are quite different from most Boston apartments, but many people wonder if the amenities justify the increased cost in a city that already has a higher than average cost of living. However, you might be surprised to find out that there are plenty of benefits to renting a luxury apartment in Beantown.
By: Andrew Pitsios
 Aug 26
You probably don’t want to clean your old Boston apartment before you leave for good and move somewhere else. However, it’s an important task that must be done. Otherwise, you are not going to get your full security deposit back. In many cases, you won’t receive any of it unless you leave the place in […]
By: Daniela Alvarado
 Aug 23
Living in Boston is an exhilarating experience that most people would envy. If you’re fortunate enough to be in the market for a Boston apartment rental, you’ll want certain interior amenities. However, there are also local features to be aware of when searching for apartments in Boston. Here are eight features to consider.
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Aug 11
​If you’re searching for Boston apartments for rent, you’re certainly not alone. Many people consider moving here. This magnificent city is not only diverse, but it also has a rich history. In fact, many people across the country consider Boston to be the best city in the United States. Many other people think that it’s […]
By: Daniela Alvarado
 Aug 10
Organizing your Boston apartment may seem like a difficult task, especially if it’s gotten a bit out of control. You may have a mess on your hands because you’ve let it go for so long. Perhaps you simply want to make the most out of the space that you have. Either way, organizing your Boston […]
By: Daniela Alvarado
 Jul 20
There’s a good reason why you want to search for the best no fee apartments for rent in Boston. If you’re looking for an apartment in Boston, you know how expensive it can be to move in. You typically need to pay the first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and a security deposit. Renters in […]
By: Daniela Alvarado
 Jul 09