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Top 10 Things to Do in Boston on a Budget in 2022

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Things to do in Boston on a Budget

Have you recently rented an apartment in Boston? Are you looking for things to do in Boston on a budget? Let us help you!

Boston is one of America’s most diverse and exciting cities. Few other cities can compare to the storied past of Boston.

It’s got its own history and culture that make it one of the best places to live. Better yet, it can actually be quite affordable if you know where to look.

While many associate Boston with high culture, the Boston Tea Party, or the Red Sox, there are so many hidden areas to discover in the beautiful city.

Whether you’re here for a day or you’re looking to become a new resident, finding the best of Boston doesn’t have to break your budget. Here are some of the best things you can do in Boston on a budget!

1. Follow The Freedom Trail

The first thing you’ll want to do after moving to Boston is to explore the Freedom Trail. This 2.5-mile trail is sure to transport you back to the Revolution and America’s founding.

Nestled between the city’s skyline and the picturesque backdrop of the New England Coastline, this 2.5-mile trail allows you to take in a lot of what the city has to offer in just a few short hours.

There are many ways you can experience the Freedom Trail. While you’re free to check out the sights and sounds, you can also sign up for a free tour, where your guide will take you on a journey throughout Boston’s revolutionary period.

Paul Revere’s home, the Old North Church, and the USS Constitution are only a handful of the historical sites that you’ll get to see on your journey through Boston’s unique history.

2. Visit The Bunker Hill Monument

During your trip along the Freedom Trail, you’ll surely want to stop and visit Bunker Hill and the Bunker Hill Monument. History buffs are especially in for a treat, as Bunker Hill was the site of the first major battle in the Revolutionary War.

Best of all? It costs nothing to check out. You’re even free to go up the monument.

3. Do Some Reading At The Boston Public Library

For a more laidback afternoon, you’ll also find plenty of other options, such as in the Boston Public Library.
The Boston Public Library is an iconic institution in Boston, and it is so much more than just a library. The library offers visitors opportunities to peruse historical documents, such as original copies of the first maps of Boston. It features beautiful architecture hosting scores of literary texts. The library also organizes varied tours and workshops, so whether you’re there for the reading or to experience one of the dozens of weekly events, you’re in for a treat.

Signing up is entirely free, so all you have to do is show up!

4. Check Out the Museums

Picking just one museum to see in Boston isn’t easy, but luckily you don’t have to choose! Many museums are within a short distance from each other, so take a day and visit a few.

Here are just a few of the many museums you can check out in the city:

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Known around Boston as the MFA, this museum is one of the crown jewels of Boston’s art culture. Hosting everything from pre-historic art from around the world to contemporary paintings and sculptures, the MFA has something for everyone. The MFA is part of a regular rotation of incredibly famous artworks by van Gogh and Rembrandt, proving once again Boston’s world-class city status.

If you’re a university student, the MFA is completely free, and if you have a family member under the age of 17, they have free access too! Otherwise, you can find the select days during which admission is free to all Massachusetts residents here.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

After you’re done touring the MFA, take a short trip to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, less than half a mile away. This is a unique museum because it was originally the home of Isabella Stewart Gardner. The home has been converted into a museum for Boston residents and visitors, alike, to enjoy an eclectic mix of international artworks, tapestries, and ancient texts from around the world. Visitors especially love the Museum’s courtyard garden; its architecture is ordained with exotic plants, marble, and fountains that will transport you to the Mediterranean, all while being just a short trip from your Boston apartment.

Best part? Entry is free on the first Thursday of the month!

The Museum of Science

If you’re looking for a more interactive, science-packed day, look no further than the Museum of Science. Boston hosts some of the best scientific universities and research centers in the world, and you can easily see that in the Museum of Science. From the planetarium and interactive rooms to the live animal center, this museum has everything for all ages to enjoy. Members can enjoy the museum for free all year, and members of the Boston Public Library also get free access for themselves and four friends and/or family members!

5. Spend An Afternoon In The Boston Common

You may just want to spend some time enjoying the sun and smell of one of Boston’s most beautiful and historic public parks. If that’s the case, grab some snacks, a drink, and a blanket and head to the Boston Common. Also, if you’re disappointed about the expensive duck tour rides, you can take a much more affordable Swan Boat ride around the Common’s pond for just $3.50.

The Common is Boston’s most famous park and is free to enter. All you need to do is provide the food and company and let the city do the rest. During the winter months, you can enjoy the ice rink and awe at the beautiful scenery of the snow-covered trees overlooking Boston’s beautiful architecture.

And if you’re lucky enough to live in Boston, there’s a good chance it isn’t terribly far from your apartment.

6. Visit Harvard Square When Exploring Boston on a Budget

One of the most famous areas within all of Greater Boston — and the world for that matter — is Harvard. This world-famous university is home to some of the most promising scholars, academics, and future leaders.

And like with every great college campus, you can experience the best of the city. Spend some time exploring the gardens and its crimson, red-brick buildings, take a picture with the famous statue of Daniel Chester, Harvard University’s architect, and marvel at the history of one of the country’s oldest and most prestigious universities.
While there are tons of shops and restaurants, you’re here to find out about Boston on a budget. We’d recommend checking out the calendar of events to see what free events are coming up.

7. Take In A Game At Fenway Park

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the beloved Fenway Park in this list. It’s one of the world’s most famous baseball parks and is home to Boston’s crown jewel, the Red Sox.

And while Fenway isn’t usually associated with Boston on a budget, there are some cheap ways you can get in on the fun.

Bleacher seats near the top of the stadium are a great way experience the fun of a Red Sox game in their home stadium. You can take in a game for around $20-$40 per ticket.

8. Rent a Rowboat In Jamaica Pond

What’s a list about Boston on a budget without at least one date night idea? You can woo that special someone by renting a rowboat and rowing around the gorgeous Jamaica Pond.

Boat rentals start at the equivalent of $15 per person for an hour if you take advantage of the Boston resident discount.

9. Visit Boston Public Market

There’s no better way to experience New England food culture than through the historic Boston Public Market and Faneuil Hall. Hosting more than 30 vendors, the Boston Public Market offers food options to everyone; visitors and Boston residents alike especially love the world-famous clam chowder. The Boston Public Market is also great for those rainy days as it’s completely covered and heated, so you can enjoy the market year-round! The great part about Boston Public Market for those on a budget is the endless free samples that it offers to visitors and Boston residents, alike.

10. Rethink A Classic At Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

Whether you visit the food truck or the Central location, you absolutely need to visit.

Roxy’s specializes in grilled cheese. But not just any grilled cheese, specialty grilled cheese! Rethink this childhood staple by biting into one of these gourmet sandwiches. We’re practically salivating just thinking about it.

As you can see, even if you’re checking out Boston on a budget, there’s still tons to do! And if you’re looking for a place to live, be sure to contact us today. We can help you find a place you love, guaranteed.

Demetrios Salpoglou

Demetrios Salpoglou

Published July 8, 2022

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