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Most Expensive Neighborhoods to Rent an Apartment in Boston

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Boston Skyline with Water

Over the past decade, Boston has emerged as one of the nation’s most expensive rental markets. During that time, Boston’s local economy has transformed from the rugged blue-collar town of the twentieth century to a white-collar tech hub of the twenty-first century. The population has boomed over this time span, increasing demand for housing in Boston’s core areas. This has caused rent prices to climb so much that Boston overtook San Francisco as the nation’s second most expensive rental market last year.

If you plan on renting an apartment in Boston, be prepared to pay top dollar. You can find more affordable rents away from Boston’s downtown neighborhoods. These areas are situated in the south and west of the city. In general, the closer you get to Boston’s city center, the higher rent prices you will encounter. If you’re wondering which neighborhoods have the highest rents, look no further.  These are the most expensive neighborhoods to rent an apartment in Boston in 2023.

  1. Back Bay
  2. Downtown Boston
  3. South End
  4. Symphony/Northeastern
  5. Fenway-Kenmore
  6. North End
  7. Honorable Mentions
Boston Back Bay view from Bridge

Back Bay

Back Bay still holds the place as Boston’s most expensive rental market. With an average rent price of $4,075 for non-luxury apartments, Back Bay is the only neighborhood in Boston where the average rent is above the 4K mark. Out of all Boston neighborhoods, Back Bay apartments have the highest rent price for 1 and 3 bedroom apartments and the 3rd highest price for studio, 2 bedroom and 4 bedroom apartments.

Back Bay Rent Ranking
BOSTON – BACK BAY Average Rent Price Rank
Studio apartment $2,246 3
1 Bedroom $2,975 1
2 Bedroom $3,628 3
3 Bedroom $5,621 1
4 Bedroom $6,000 3

Beyond its close proximity and easy access to Downtown, Back Bay offers a unique experience with its blend of historic charm, upscale living, and convenient urban amenities.  Renters can pick from beautiful brownstone buildings or upscale luxury high rises.  Living in Back Bay gives renters access to a diverse range of cultural offerings, high end restaurants and retail stores, and multiple points of access to Boston’s public transportation system.  It’s also home to several Boston institutions like Boston Public Library, Newbury Street, Prudential Center, and Copley Square.  There are few neighborhoods that have as much to offer as Back Bay.

Boston Downtown neighborhood

Downtown Boston

With an average rent price of $3,782, Downtown Boston is the second most expensive neighborhood to rent an apartment in the city.  Downtown holds the highest average rent price for 2 bedroom units and the second highest average rent price for studio, 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom apartments.

Downtown Boston Rent Ranking
BOSTON – DOWNTOWN Average Rent Price Rank
Studio apartment $2,600 2
1 Bedroom $2,762 4
2 Bedroom $4,713 1
3 Bedroom $4,713 1
4 Bedroom $6,500 2

It’s no surprise that Downtown Boston apartments are among the most expensive in the city. Downtown offers renters a unique and vibrant experience. Downtown is home to several Boston staples such as Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, TD Garden and Boston Common. The area is easy to navigate and provides residents with a plethora of restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Boston South End Neighborhood Apartment Buildings

South End

The South End is the third most expensive rental market in Boston. The South End has an average rent price of $3,762 for non-luxury units. Larger apartments in South End are especially expensive, while studio apartments are a bit more affordable for renters. South End has the highest average rent price for 4 bedroom apartments and the 8th highest for studio apartments in Boston.

South End Rent Ranking
BOSTON – SOUTH END Average Rent Price Rank
Studio apartment $2,175 8
1 Bedroom $2,843 3
2 Bedroom $3,763 2
3 Bedroom $4,679 3
4 Bedroom $6,673 1

The South End is full of beautiful Victorian architecture and historic brownstone buildings. It is also home to a thriving art scene and the SoWa Art & Design District featuring contemporary galleries, studios and a bustling outdoor market. The South End is also a foodie’s paradise, offering diners a wide array of cuisines from across the globe.

Boston Symphony Orchestra


The neighborhood of Symphony is the 4th most expensive neighborhood to rent an apartment in Boston. The average rent price for Symphony apartments is $3,557. Symphony has the second highest average rent price for 1 bedroom apartments in Boston, while it holds the 5th largest average rent price for studio, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom apartments.

Symphony/Northeastern Rent Ranking
Studio apartment $2,190 5
1 Bedroom $2,872 2
2 Bedroom $3,447 5
3 Bedroom $4,351 5
4 Bedroom $5,552 6

Located south and east of the Fens and west of Massachusetts Ave, Symphony is home to several famous Boston institutions such as Northeastern University, Symphony Hall, and the Museum of Fine Arts. Given its close proximity to NU and Longwood Medical, Symphony is home to many students and medical professionals.  Residents of Fenway also enjoy close access to the cultural offerings of Back Bay, South End and Downtown, making this a highly sought after neighborhood.

Aerial view of Fenway, Boston Neighborhood


With an average rent price of $3,509, Fenway is the 5th most expensive neighborhood to rent an apartment in Boston. Fenway ranks number 4 out of all neighborhoods in Boston for 2 and 3 bedroom units, while it ranks 5th for 1 bedroom and 4 bedroom apartments.

Fenway-Kenmore Rent Ranking
BOSTON – FENWAY-KENMORE Average Rent Price Rank
Studio apartment $2,181 7
1 Bedroom $2,701 5
2 Bedroom $3,450 4
3 Bedroom $4,375 4
4 Bedroom $5,567 5

Of course Fenway is home to the iconic Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. But beyond baseball, Fenway offers renters a diverse community and close access to some of Boston’s largest educational institutions. Located in Fenway is Boston University, Emmanuel College, Simmons University, and Wentworth Institute of Technology. As a result, Fenway has a large student population, so demand for Fenway apartments is very high.

Boston North End

North End

Boston’s North End is the 6th most expensive neighborhood to rent an apartment in Boston with an average rent price of $3,381. The North End is especially expensive for larger apartment sizes, as it holds the 4th highest average rent price for 4 bedroom apartments in Boston. Rent for smaller size units are bit more affordable in the North End. Studio apartments rank 12th most expensive while 1 bedroom North End apartments are ranked 8th most expensive in Boston.

North End Rent Ranking
BOSTON – NORTH END Average Rent Price Rank
Studio apartment $2,056 12
1 Bedroom $2,574 8
2 Bedroom $3,309 6
3 Bedroom $4,259 7
4 Bedroom $5,865 4

The North End is situated just north of Downtown. It is one of Boston’s most historic neighborhoods and provides residents with the old world charm that so many associate with Boston. In the North End you’ll find historic buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, and the Freedom Trail. The North End is also home to Boston’s Little Italy and some of the best Italian restaurants and bakeries in the city.

Boston Charlestown skyline

Honorable Mentions

While these 6 neighborhoods make up the most expensive areas to rent an apartment in Boston, there are other nearby neighborhoods that are expensive as well. Beacon Hill, South Boston, and Charlestown are all pricey neighborhoods with average rent prices of $3,376, $3,320, and $3,068 respectively. These areas are also near Downtown neighborhoods with their own cultural offerings for residents.

If you’re looking to rent an apartment in any of these highly sought after neighborhoods, go with the experts in Boston apartment rentals. Nobody rents more apartments in the Boston area than the Boston Pads network of real estate offices. Start by getting in touch with us today, and you’ll be connected with one of our expert Boston rental professionals who can help you navigate the highly competitive Boston apartment rental market.

Note: Luxury buildings were purposely omitted from these calculations to provide the most accurate real time data averages across each specific neighborhood.

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Demetrios Salpoglou

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