If you’re thinking of moving, you should check out some Allston apartments. Allston is one of Boston’s most active neighborhoods. There are numerous Allston apartments that are located nearby some of Boston’s famous colleges and universities. For example, the main campuses for Boston College, Boston University, and Harvard University are all located within a few […]
By: Gabriel Bonilla
 Jan 21
If you’re interested in looking at Fenway apartments with a 9/1/2022 move in date, you better get started now. They tend to lease up quickly. It may seem a bit strange to start looking at Fenway apartments this far in advance. However, that’s the standard. There are only so many units to go around. Smart […]
By: Anthony Campbell
 Jan 07
If you’re looking for Boston apartments, you may find that there are all sorts of incentives available. The point of these offers is to get you to sign a lease ASAP. The real estate market tends to be a bit slow during the winter months. This means landlords are eager to get their properties rented. […]
By: Andrew Pitsios
 Jan 03
Like most of Boston metro’s core neighborhoods, Somerville’s apartment rental market has been on a roller coaster ride since COVID began. Last year in October, when campuses were empty and professionals left the rental market in droves, we reported on the 247% increase in the vacancy rate for Somerville apartments compared to October 2019. We’re […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 Dec 20
Mission Hill apartments tend to rent rather quickly. However, you can start looking at units now and reserve your spot for a September 1st move in date. That way you will remove a great deal of stress from the process. People who wait until the late spring and summer to start their search may need […]
By: Steven Scurti
 Dec 10
Did you know that you could lock down an apartment in Allston-Brighton now for a move in September 1st? It makes a lot of sense to think ahead. That way you won’t have to be under a tremendous amount of stress during the spring and summer months. Apartments in Allston-Brighton can be incredibly hard to […]
By: Andrew Pitsios
 Dec 06
The words “priced reduced” and “Boston apartments” don’t typically go hand in hand. Boston is one of the most expensive residential housing markets in the entire country. Only San Francisco, CA and New York City are more expensive. However, there is a certain time of the year where you can get a good deal on […]
By: Niko Nifakos
 Nov 18
It’s a good time to be searching for Boston apartments. Things have calmed down a lot since the college students moved back to town in early September. There’s a lot less competition to worry about, and you can take a little more time to make decisions. You can even find many good deals out there […]
By: Andrew Sebaaly
 Nov 05
So, you’ve decided to rent a Boston apartment or are at least considering the idea. You may have heard that the best time of year to move to the city is in early September. Although it’s not ideal, it is the most common time to rent a Boston apartment. This is due to the fact […]
By: Cody Quach
 Oct 25
Are you thinking about moving to The Greater Boston area? If so, you should consider Somerville apartments. In addition, it’s a smart idea to check out Medford apartments. There are plenty of options in both areas, and you can get better deals this time of year. The two (2) cities are located within a few […]
By: Amanda Carucci
 Oct 12