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Exterior Remodeling That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

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Exterior Remodeling That Will Increase Your Home's Value

Many experienced real estate agents confess that they mostly make up their minds about a house before they even walk inside it. As much as people spend their energy, money, and time designing and styling the interior decor of their houses, it is much harder to sell a home when the exterior is not enticing to the potential buyer. Are you having difficulties in designing the exterior of your home? Fear not, here are some of the outdoor features that will make your house more appealing.

Great Curb Appeal

There are a million reasons to have a good looking home with a perfect exterior décor. Some improvements are simple, cost effective and long-lasting. Repainting your home will give it a fresh look. You can also repave your driveway or hire a landscaping to tidy up the lawn. A fast and quick siding replacement can also go a long way in increasing the value of the home.

Front Door

Believe it or not, your front door is one of the best home improvement investments you can make to increase the value of your home. People’s eyes naturally gravitate towards the entrance of the house, so homes with beautiful front doors tend to have great curb appeal. Of course, you’ll want to pick a door that compliments the look of the house. Doors that have full-length decorative glass with wrought iron tend to add the most value. If your able to, consider adding some sidelites to the door to give it even more curb appeal.

The Lighting and Landscape

Features such as gazebos, walkways, and courtyards are a bonus for a potential buyer. Remember that lighting is crucial when it comes to exterior décor evaluation. This is one area where a homeowner may consider getting professional assistance so as to make a perfect combination of of light and landscape. Remember that this is a buyers first impression of your home, so it’s important you make a good one.

Outdoor Kitchen

Having an open outdoor kitchen enables you to enjoy entertainment on a freer and more friendly level compared to the traditional barbecue backyard setup. You can choose a simple well laid serviceable kitchen, or if you have the space you can go for a full-throttle outdoor kitchen setup. Whatever you decide, the area should be well lit and equipped with electricity, counter space and proper drainage. You can enhance the set up by adding amenities such as wine coolers, sinks, grills, or even a wood-fired pizza oven.

Swimming Pools

Implemented properly, swimming pools can increase your home’s value. Nowadays, there is a big demand on swimming pools that incorporate the natural elements and adopt the natural landscape. The free-form pools are more desirable compared to the usual traditional rectangular shape pool. The interior finish color is also essential. A Diamond Brite finish is much better than cookie-cutter bright blue color.

An Outdoor Fireplace & Seating Area

A piazza fireplace is an amazing outdoor amenity that can definitely boost the value of your home. If you have a bit of space in the backyard, you can easily build a fireplace area complete with round-table seating. No backyard patio is complete without some sort of comfortable seating for guests, so don’t go with the cheap plastic lawn chair!

If your selling your home, always remember that first impressions go a long way. If you need some help in figuring out the best renovations to do before putting your home on the market, you’re in the right place. Our real estate sales experts can help you plan it out, and even connect with you reputable local contractors who can get the job done quickly and efficiently

Demetrios Salpoglou

Demetrios Salpoglou

Published November 19, 2018

Demetrios Salpoglou is the CEO of which is an information and technology based services company that provides cutting edge resources to real estate companies. Demetrios has developed over 90 real estate related websites and owns hundreds of domain names. Demetrios also owns and operates six leading real estate offices with over 120 agents.

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