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How To Clean Your Boston Apartment To Get All Of Your Security Deposit Back

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You probably don’t want to clean your old Boston apartment before you leave for good and move somewhere else. However, it must be done- otherwise, you are not going to get your full security deposit back. In many cases, you won’t receive any of it unless you leave the place in tip-top shape. The good news is that if your old Boston apartment is a bit dirty on the surface and not damaged, the task at hand is fairly easy. It’s certainly worth a few hours of your time to get back the deposit money. Think about it like this:

How long does it take you to earn the money equal to your security deposit at your job? Do you make that cash in a week or even two? Perhaps it will take you even longer to gross that kind of dough. It’s well worth spending a few hours to ensure you’ll have it all returned to you.

So, without further ado, here is how to clean your Boston apartment to get all of your security deposit back. First and foremost, you should make a checklist at the start of the process. That way you won’t forget anything, especially the things that most tenants often overlook.

Apartment Cleaning Checklist

1. Clean The Walls

Did you know that one of the very first things that landlords look at after you move out of your Boston apartment is the condition of the walls? That means you should always give them a good cleaning before turning in your key. If they are dirty put a bit of elbow grease into it. Chances are high that you won’t remove the paint. Most walls are painted with eggshell paint, which is durable and meant for cleaning. If you have doubts, ask your landlord what you should use to clean your walls.

Spackle Boston apartment

2. Remove Any Nails That You Put Into The Walls And Spackle The Holes

You probably decorated the walls in your Boston apartment in order to make the place feel like a home. Now that you’re moving out, it’s time to remove all of those nails that you used to hang stuff up with. You can actually avoid damaging the walls by wrapping a rubber band around the hammer. It will prevent scratching and scuffing up the walls when you use the nail remover claw. It’s also important to spackle any holes that you made.

3. Clean Inside The Kitchen Cabinets

Most people who are cleaning out their old Boston apartment clean the outside of the kitchen cabinets. However, they usually forget to tidy the inside. If you added a shelf liner remove it. If you can’t than at least give it a good cleaning. Make sure to scrub the inside of the doors as well. Believe it or not, your soon to be former landlord will check there.

4. Clean The Inside Of The Kitchen Appliances

While you’re in the kitchen, it’s also important to remember to clean the inside of the appliances. This holds especially true with the stove/oven. You don’t even need to use the “Clean” feature. Just make a paste from baking soda and water and spread it over the interior surface of the oven. Allow it to sit overnight. It will easily wipe away the next day. Also, don’t forget to clean the inside of the refrigerator. Dust baking soda on the shelves and other flat surfaces. Next, spray a mist of vinegar over the baking soda. It will soon start to fix. Wipe it with a cloth once the fizzing settles.

5. Make Sure All Of The Closets Are Empty And Clean

It’s important to remove all of your belongings from your Boston apartment. Otherwise, you may not receive your full security deposit back. This holds true even if you don’t want to move certain items. Do not leave anything in the closets. They should be completely empty before you turn in your key. You should also make sure to clean the rods and shelves. Give them a good wipe down with a cloth.

Painting minor scratch

6. Touch Up Any Markings And Scratches

Take a walk around your old Boston apartment and touch up any markings or scratches that you see. Look carefully because your landlord will be searching with a keen eye. If you see any scuff marks on the wood floors, it’s actually easy to get rid of them. Simply purchase a tennis ball and cut a hole on one end. Push a broom handle down into it. Start scrubbing out the scuff marks with the tennis ball end down on the floor. If it’s a minor scratch, you can also touch that up with items such as wood markers or putties, or paint if you can match the color currently used. As always, make sure to clear this with your landlord to ensure the products are safe for the materials in their property.

7. Clean The Windows And Make Sure The Blinds/Drapes/Louvers Are In Good Shape

Here’s a good tip for cleaning windows in your Boston apartment. Don’t use towels or paper towels because they leave fibers behind. In essence, the glass will appear to be fuzzy after. Simply spray on a glass cleaner and wipe off with a crumpled newspaper. Also make sure to dust and clean the blinds, drapes, or louvers.

Vacuming carpet

8. Vacuum And Clean The Carpets

There’s one last thing that you need to do at your old Boston apartment before officially saying goodbye. In order to get all of your security deposit back you’re going to need to vacuum the carpets. If they’re stained, then clean the rugs. Hydrogen peroxide is an amazing stain cleaner that works well on carpeting, depending on the color. Some vacuums come with the ability to wash carpets too, with cleaning agents specifically made for this!

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Andrew Pitsios

Andrew Pitsios

Published August 25, 2023

From the start of his career in real estate, Andrew has excelled at building client relationships and creating standards that set the bar high for fellow colleagues to follow. Focused on building and maintaining relationships in his career, he puts emphasis on the “little details” ensuring clients and landlords are happy to do business with him. Andrew continues to work meticulously with every client in order to make sure they move into an apartment of their dreams. He truly wants to make sure he helps as many people as he can. In his free time, he enjoys going up to the lake, spending time with friends/family, or walking his dog, Milton, along the Charles.