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City of Boston MA

2024 Q1 Boston Real Estate Market Report

Boston’s real estate market got off to a sluggish start in 2024.  Total Boston real estate sales are down -10.62%...
Boston apartments

Is Boston Real Estate a Good Investment?

Is Boston real estate still a good investment today in the face of runaway inflation, ridiculous energy prices and high...
Boston MA real estate

Looking to Become a Real Estate Agent in Boston? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

It’s no secret that Boston’s real estate market presents a lucrative opportunity for would-be real estate agents. But how do...
City of Boston

The Way to Avoid Exiting Real Estate as an Agent in Boston

2023 proved to be a challenging year for most real estate agents in Boston. It was marked by a worrying...
Boston Apartments vs condos vs townhouses

What is the Difference Between an Apartment, Condo, and Townhouse?

You're concerned about high-interest rates, rapid inflation, and a poor national energy policy—I understand. Roger that. You're looking to start...
Real-Time Vacancy vs. Real-Time Availability

Properly Assessing the Boston Apartment Rental Market Through the Real-Time Vacancy Rate vs. Real-Time Availability Rate

Being the local leader in real-time apartment data in Boston, we’ve looked at many different ways of assessing the overall...

How to Rent Out My Apartment in Boston

With the Boston real estate market hovering at near all-time lows for both rental and sales opportunities, renting out your...
Boston apartments

How To Clean Your Boston Apartment To Get All Of Your Security Deposit Back

You probably don't want to clean your old Boston apartment before you leave for good and move somewhere else. However,...
Boston real estate residential buildings

Boston Real Estate: How We Can Create More Affordable Housing

Boston, one of America's oldest and most renowned cities, has always been an attractive location for living, working, and investing....
Boston MA skyline

2023 Q2 Boston Real Estate Sales Market Report

***UPDATED*** This market report has been updated, check out our 2023 Year End Boston Real Estate Sales Market Report! As
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