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7 Boston Apartment Decor Ideas

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7 Boston Apartment Decor Ideas

Settling into a new apartment in Boston is a great feeling. You’ve finally got everything unpacked, you hopefully have your bed set up, and things are going great.

But you might notice that the walls are looking a little bare. And your furniture doesn’t seem to match…anything. There just isn’t a lot of apartment decor at this point.

So you’ve got some decorating to do. It can seem like a pain initially, but adding some character to an apartment can actually be a lot of fun.

Stumped for ideas on the decor? Then check out these 7 great ideas for decorating your apartment.

1. Add Some Curves To Your Apartment Decor

Your apartment is likely pretty short on curves. What we mean is that it’s all squares and sharp edges. That’s pretty much the nature of the apartment life, especially when you first move in.

So take some time to identify how you can add curves to your apartment decor. Rugs work well, and you can find plenty of great oval or circular rugs at any home goods store.

But also think about round tables or chairs. The benefit of these curves is that they break up the hard lines of your apartment.

2. Pick Out Some Curtains

If you haven’t been doing much decorating yet, you likely just have blinds on your windows. Nothing against blinds, but they’re pretty boring and they get dirty quickly.

Adding curtains to your windows gives you some options to play with your space. If you go floor to ceiling, you add to the perception of height in the room. And they certainly give your apartment a little more flair.

Some light and airy curtains can soften up some of the hard lines in your apartment. Plus, the choice of colors can complement the wall color or another decoration choice you make.

3. Consider A Smaller Couch

If your apartment has a large living room with almost too much space, congratulations. We envy you. But not as many people can afford your massive pad in Boston.

If you’re like the rest of us, you may be wondering how you’ll fit your giant L couch into the living room. A tip–don’t.

Instead, look for a smaller couch. We know that sounds terrible, but do you really need that massive two-piece couch you’ve been dragging around since college?

A smaller couch opens up the space and makes it appear larger. You can also add a comfortable chair for a third or fourth seat. That allows you to choose your arrangement in a way that a huge couch simply doesn’t.

4. Make Mirrors Work For You

Another way to make your small space look bigger is by using mirrors. Now, there’s no need to go all fun-house here, but give one or two a try.

Place a mirror in your dining area or living room where it’s exposed to natural light. The mirror will reflect some of it back into the room. This, in turn, creates the sense that space is really bigger than it is.

You can do this in your bedroom, as well. You’d be surprised at the difference a full-length mirror can make in a small bedroom.

5. Bookcases Are Your Friend

We all have plenty of items that we unpack and think, “Now where is this going to go?” Maybe it’s that vase that your aunt Carol gave you. Perhaps it’s an antique clock that doesn’t even run but looks pretty cool.

Or, you know, maybe you have some books you need to store.

The great thing about a big bookcase on one wall is that it works as both storage and display. Adding unique items to the bookcase is an interesting look. And, dare we say it, somewhat sophisticated.

The bookshelf most likely won’t jut out too far into the room. So the space you gain for those little items is usually worth it.

Don’t have that many books? This is your chance to add even more flair with some unique bookends. Place few books on each shelf with the bookends and those unique items we just mentioned.

Give them all adequate space and it might end up looking pretty tasteful.

6. Create An Entry

There’s a good chance that your apartment simply opens into a room. Whether it’s the kitchen or the living room, you may not have a defined entry.

So make one. It’s easy to buy and install hooks for jackets and hats. But you can also add a chair, or better yet, a small table or bookcase to the side.

This might even be a good place for a mirror, too. Everyone loves to give their appearance a quick once over after coming in from a windy winter day in Boston.

Of course, no one will really sit there. But it does create a great place to leave things that don’t need to make it all the way into the apartment. It’s also a nice visual addition to your apartment decor.

7. Make Your TV The Focus

Like it wasn’t going to be anyway? Seriously though, some people like to leave the living room TV-less and set things up from there. That’s perfectly fine.

But if you know you’ll be watching TV in the living room, then make it part of your apartment decor.

Mount it on the wall, and make sure there’s some storage underneath like a small cabinet or bookcase. Otherwise, that space will end up being wasted, and your TV will seem to float in the middle of the wall.

Then begin adding on around it. Shelving or artwork are both good ways to build out from your TV. It will still be the focus of the room, with the furniture pointing at it. But your walls around it won’t seem so bare.

Creating your own apartment decor is one of the best parts of getting your own place. You get to pick out the styles and let the rooms give off your own vibe.

But you can’t get started until you have the perfect apartment. If you’re still looking in the Boston area, then contact Boston Pads today. We’ll help you find the right apartment for you, and you’ll be hanging curtains in no time.

Demetrios Salpoglou

Demetrios Salpoglou

Published August 21, 2017

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