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Boston apartments

Boston apartments

5 Boston Apartment-Hunting Truths You Need To Know

Go About The Hunt Strategically: When hunting for a Greater Boston apartment, there are many factors to consider. Each neighborhood...
boston apartments skyline

How to Make Your Boston Apartment for Rent Stand Out and Get Rented

You’re a Greater Boston Property Owner and want to rent out your Boston apartment as quickly as possible to the...
Boston State House Bill h4774

Potential Impact of Proposed Bill H.4474 on Boston’s Apartment Rental Market

In Massachusetts, a newly introduced legislative proposal, House Bill No.  H.4474, titled "An Act Relative to Consumer Rights of Renters,"...
Boston apartments

Are Rent Prices Going Down In Boston?

Boston’s apartment rental market has experienced unprecedented price increases over the past two years.  The average rent price for a...
Boston apartments

2024 Boston Apartment Rental Market Report

Boston Apartments vs condos vs townhouses

What is the Difference Between an Apartment, Condo, and Townhouse?

You're concerned about high-interest rates, rapid inflation, and a poor national energy policy—I understand. Roger that. You're looking to start...
Boston apartments for rent

When To Look At Apartments in Boston For Rent

Are you looking to find the best selection of apartments in Boston? You’re not alone. Massachusetts is leading the Northeast...
Real-Time Vacancy vs. Real-Time Availability

Properly Assessing the Boston Apartment Rental Market Through the Real-Time Vacancy Rate vs. Real-Time Availability Rate

Being the local leader in real-time apartment data in Boston, we’ve looked at many different ways of assessing the overall...

How to Rent Out My Apartment in Boston

With the Boston real estate market hovering at near all-time lows for both rental and sales opportunities, renting out your...

10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods for 1-Bedroom Boston Apartments

Boston is among the top American cities that provide the best quality of life. Its status as a world-class city,...
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