Are you looking to find the best selection of apartments in Boston? You’re not alone. Massachusetts is leading the Northeast in population growth. Since the 2010 census, Suffolk County’s population has grown by 6.3 percent. Boston, which is in Suffolk County, has an extremely competitive rental market largely due to the demand caused by an […]
By: Andrew Pitsios
 Oct 11
Record high rent prices and record low inventory is the trend for Boston’s most expensive apartment rental market, Back Bay.  Average rent price for Back Bay apartments is currently at a record high of $3,998 and will pass the $4,000 soon.  Real-time availability rate (RTAR) peaked at 2.61% in early April, marking the second consecutive […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 May 31
Over the past decade, Boston has been rapidly ascending the list of most expensive places to live in the US.  As the metro region has grown, real estate and rent prices have soared due to an ever-increasing demand for housing and a limited supply of apartments and property listings.  In January, the Herald reported that Boston could soon […]
By: Demetrios Salpoglou
 May 24
If you’re interested in looking at Fenway apartments with a 9/1/2022 move in date, you better get started now. They tend to lease up quickly. It may seem a bit strange to start looking at Fenway apartments this far in advance. However, that’s the standard. There are only so many units to go around. Smart […]
By: Andrew Sebaaly
 Jan 07