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Boston winter activities

Things to Do in Boston during the Winter

The holiday season in Boston is nothing short of magical. From the Christmas tree in Boston Common to the lights and miniatures of Newbury Street, there are so many ways to celebrate the winter holidays. But what about after the new year? Keep the magic going as long as the frosty weather lasts with these winter activities in Boston.


Average Boston Apartment Rent Prices by T Stop

BOSTON, MA:, a comprehensive digital resource for Boston real estate, published an infographic showing the average per-bedroom rental price of Boston apartments in nearly every neighborhood in Boston. The infographic looks like an MBTA map with a dollar amount next to the name of each stop. The familiar visual allows readers to easily explore rent price trends in Boston.

Huge Sales in Boston Real Estate Market

Booming Sales Numbers in the Boston Real Estate Market

There has been some jaw-dropping real estate sales in Boston, marking an end to a booming quarter for Boston’s real estate market.  As units from the omnipresent Millennium Tower continue to fly off the shelf, it’s setting the pace for some remarkable real estate sales in and around Boston’s metro area.

WBZ Radio Real Estate Talk Boston Pads

WBZ Boston Real Estate Radio Talks with Boston Pads CEO, Demetrios Salpoglou

Demetrios had a blast recording the Real Estate Radio show with Rick Scherer and Ali Alavi! View the video here!

B=Needham Fights New Development

Residents of Needham Fight New Development

As the Boston real estate market continues to flourish, some real estate developers are moving out towards Boston’s suburbs to seek new opportunities. As the downtown area gets more and more saturated, Boston’s surrounding towns are starting to feel the ripple effect of all the new developments.